The site is situated along Larges Lane, Bracknell. The proposed development will provide a mix of high-quality affordable apartments in a highly accessible and sustainable location. This will positively contribute to the housing need in Bracknell and also assist the funding for Bracknell Town FC to provide the local community with new state of the art sport facilities.

The scheme has been designed to be both permeable and distinctive. It will create an attractive and desirable place to live and a sense of place for the residents. The layout provides safe and convenient vehicle and pedestrian access with car and cycle parking in line with similar schemes in the area and follows Bracknell Forest Council’s policy.

The open amenity spaces and private balconies will provide good living conditions for the residents and help create a sense of community. The scheme will incorporate sustainable design with sustainable energy generation.

The design is directly informed by the local authority and national design guidance along with detailed site analysis. The scheme respects the privacy and amenity of the existing residents close to the site.

New Homes

  • Perimeter footprints which provide active frontages and excellent natural surveillance to the parking areas and surrounding amenity spaces.
  • Building positions that allow ample separation distance to the boundary and the existing surrounding buildings.
  • An improved relationship with the surrounding buildings by well-considered proposed ground levels. The retaining walls to the east and south-east are to be removed and the ground levelled to that of the adjoining plots
  • The design creates a distinct and clear ‘entrance’ to the site between the buildings on adjacent to the eastern boundary.
  • Accessible communal amenity spaces within and around the buildings. There is also a communal amenity roof garden.
  • Private amenity spaces, balconies and terraces for upper floor apartments and defensible terrace areas for the ground floor apartments.
  • Building orientations and separation distances that allow for sufficient day light and avoid any overshadowing. This creates optimum living conditions for the residents and does not adversely affect the neighbouring dwellings.

Bracknell Town Football Club recognise the need for new affordable housing and want to work with Bracknell Forest Council and local residents to ensure that the balance between retaining the existing character of the area and creating new homes is met.


This scheme comprises 126 new apartments with a site area of 1.164 hectares this gives a density of 108DPH which is in line other developments in the area, e.g. Edenfield located at the north end of Larges Lane has a density of 117DPH.

All apartments are designed to meet the minimum requirements of the Nationally Described Space Standard.

All apartments are designed to the principles of Life-Time Homes (now incorporated into building regulations). The scheme also includes 3 fully compliant and adapted wheelchair apartments to create an inclusive development that meets the needs of all.

The proposed apartments have the following mix; 17 x 1 Bedroom apartments, 94 x 2 Bedroom apartments and 15 x 3 Bedroom apartments.



  • Car parking – there are 116 under croft parking spaces 49 surface parking spaces giving a total of 165 spaces and a parking ratio of just over 1.309 spaces per unit which is in line with similar schemes in the area.
  • Cycle parking – there are 264 secure residents’ spaces in cycle stores located within the building plus 28 covered visitor spaces externally totalling 329 cycle parking spaces. The cycle stores have been laid out to BFC standards using Sheffield stands


The scheme has been designed to achieve the following:

  • Crisp and distinctive architectural language that uses simple and legible forms.
  • Simple material palette consisting of buff brick, dark grey brick and light cladding. The dark brick is an important element in punctuating the rhythm of the form and creating legibility.
  • Simple façade rhythm using the window / balcony repetition.
  • The height variation, facades articulation and change in materials help to create the character of the development.

Proposed materials are:

  • Buff brick to main facade.
  • Dark grey brick plinth, recessed cores, and some vertical elements in the facades.
  • Light cladding materials on the upper floors where the footprint steps back from the main facade.
  • Full-height windows to maximise natural sunlight into the dwellings.
  • Balconies and railing in Polyester Powder Coated Metal.

Design Gallery

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