Be proud of your content, Flex It!

Duckiee Flex allows for multiple ways to put your message across from images down to layout options like accordions or tabbed content.

Drag & Drop
30+ Blocks
Latest Styling
Goal Conversion

Common Questions

There currently is the 25+ core blocks that have been adapted and styled along with 10+ custom blocks designed uniquely for Duckiee Flex.

Yes! – All our assets have been designed and coded with SEO in mind. All the relevant blocks pass markup and schema checks.

No! – All our assets are built on featured flags so the code is only present if the feature is activated or if the codebase is a dependency for another asset or block.

Flex your media, not just your text

Pictures speak a thousand words

Duckiee Flex allows background images in blocks alongside having multi interactive galleries which includes a lightbox by default.

Make your images a piece of art